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How can I become a member of TEN-24?

You can join in 3 easy ways:

• Speak to your accredited TEN-24 service provider/tyre dealer

• Visiting http://www.ten-24.com.au

• Or simply call 1800 00 1024

How much does it cost to join TEN-24?

1-49 Vehicles or Trailers = $70 per registration per Annum

50-99 Vehicles or Trailers = $60 per registration per Annum

100 Plus Vehicles or Trailers = $50 per registration per Annum

Example: Prime Mover & Trailer = $140 per Annum; B-Double = $210 per Annum etc.

Is all emergency roadside tyre service free?

Members receive FREE TEN-24 emergency service on Double Coin, Giti or Yokohama truck and bus tyres if purchased from a participating TEN-24 service provider.

What hours is TEN-24 emergency roadside available to me?

TEN-24 is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year.

Can I call TEN-24 if I’m not a registered member?

Yes, however, your service will attract a $100 surcharge, as a once off cost on the vehicle. The vehicle is then automatically registered for the next 12 months, bringing you all the benefits of a TEN-24 member.

If I am a TEN-24 member but not running Double Coin, Giti or Yokohama truck tyres on my fleet, what will I pay for emergency service?

All member service charges are available on the TEN-24 website under TEN- 24 member charges.

If my TEN-24 registered prime mover has Yokohama steer tyres and a different brand drive tyre (not Double Coin, Giti or Yokohama) would I pay for the service?

Not if the service work was carried out on your steer tyres. Your drive tyres would attract a service charge as per members’ TEN-24 charges

Does TEN-24 cover emergency roadside assist for buses as well as trucks?

Yes, all conditions referring to truck tyres in our TEN-24 network also applies to bus tyres

24/7 Truck Tyre Emergency Network

TEN-24 is committed to providing you, with the highest level of service and reliability in Australia to get you back on the roads as quickly and economically as possible.