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Four belt construction

Effectively optimises crown stiffness and tyre contact surface pressure, promoting long wear life

Special wear-resistant compound

Promotes long wear life

Optimal rib ratio and rigidity of tread pattern

Equalises distribution of tyre contact surface pressure, preventing tyre from irregular wear

Big groove wall design and anti-stone trapping groove bottom

Effectively prevents stone trapping, protecting the tyre from road hazards


Giti Tyre is a Singapore-Based, Global Tyre Company, offering a complete range of quality tyres and services. The company provides tyres to more than 130 countries and is ranked among the world’s largest tyre companies with revenue of $3.1 billion in 2019.

Giti Tyre Global One R&D grows and synchronizes its technology resources with the fast evolving automotive trends. With its technology centres strategically located in the United States, Germany, UK, China, and Indonesia, it is also able to respond effectively to specific local needs in a timely manner to ensure prompt availability and suitability of its new products for the respective regions.