Position Type

Steer Tyres

Steer tyres are the most important tyres on your truck, and are designed for best performance on the steer axle position. Steer tyres ensure smooth riding, safe handling and fuel economy and are generally the most worn.

Our steer tyres are designed for a wide range of driving and transport applications in mind.

Drive Tyres

Drive tyres should help maximize traction in whatever application. you are driving in, whether it be highway driving, urban driving or on/off road conditions.

TEN-24 offers drive tyres that will provide you with safety, long lasting performance and value.

Trailer Tyres

Trailer tyres must be able to withstand strong lateral and braking forces as well as various loads. . They are designed to perform best in free-rolling, trailer axle positions.

Built to withstand hard braking, heavy loads and to protect against curb damage, TEN-24 has a an option for most applications.

Bus & Coach Tyres

Buses and coaches have proven themselves to be reliable, flexible and economical vehicles, which means they demand equal performance from their tyres.
TEN-24 offers a range of tyres specifically designed for urban and long distance driving in large and medium-sized buses.