Steer Position

DEEP ORIGINAL TREAD DEPTH Keep stones and debris out of the grooves to help resist irregular wear and enhance durability
SIDEWALL PROTECTOR BARS Help shield the casing from scrubbing and curbing, while maintaining a smooth, comfortable ride at highway speeds
ULTRA WIDE TOP STEEL BELT – Increases rigidity across the entire tread surface, for enhanced durability and to avoid casing damage
UNIQUE RUBBER COMPOUND – Produces stronger, more pliable rubber that improves treadwear and provides low rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency

Yokohama is one of the leading global tyre companies. Japanese made and founded in 1917 Yokohama is respected around the world.

Yokohama tyres are premium products and are priced to offer good value, with products consistently. The company utilises extensive research and development in the constant desire to continue improving and breaking new ground in the tyre industry. Innovation continually evolves in the activities of materials development, product design, testing and evaluation.

Yokohama is determined to stay at the forefront of consumer demand globally; anticipating changing needs and meeting them through the very latest in tyre production technologies.